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Isaac Wright
Anna M
      _____ _l________ ______ ___
      |             |        l
 Florence         Isaac    Celia Elizabeth
 1884        1885   1886/9 -1976
 m   m1 ---------------- ----------------  2
Gerald      William Frank Stanley 
Bareham   Warren Brabbin
  1885- 1881-1969
    ______  __l______ __    l
   l    l Brabbin Tree
Frank Percy
   Celia and Stanley Brabbin


Isaac and Anna lived at Long Melford in 1910 and Carlton near Saxmundham in 1911

Florence Bareham lived at Clare in 1911

Isaac Wright, Anna and Florence are all buried at Clare

Isaac (Jnr.) lived at Blackstone Park, Witham in 1911

William was a gateman on the Bakerloo Railway ( now part of London Underground )
He is also described as a "Railway lift attendant"
His address in 1911 is given as 29 Cranmer Street, Long Melford, Suffolk but by then as far as we know he had left the country.

William and Celia were married 12.07.1908 at Bruisyard 4 miles from Saxmundham
William finally deserted Celia in 1910. Said he was going to South Africa but probably went to Australia and possibly died there.

The date Celia was born differs in the Banardos information and her age as given on her gravestone in Saxmundham.

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